Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are You Kidding?

It is no secret that I am in a battle with a local radio station. My show was terminated on that station at the request of the local congressman in a very shameful fashion. (The congressman believed that I had embarrased him in responding to an attack by one of his aides and had to return a sizeable amount of improper campaign contributions) I was accused of using the N word on the air even though the evidence ( the air check tape) showed that I hadn't used the word. I also was the only host without a board operator, I was doing it all even though I am a 100% disabled veteran.
Thursday, the replacement host ( who was given a board op. the moment he came on to replace me) intentionally tried to use the N word on the air and made quite a stink when his board op bleeped him. Naturally, I made contact with the station pointing out that this was the same thing that I was punished for. I was told to 'kiss off". I offered to settle the continuing battle and return to the air. I was told that I had to sign a release giving up all claims and then I might be allowed an hour and would have to prove that I have an audience before I would get any additional air time. In other words, go back and beg for my job. Currently my Blogtalk audience is approximately 90,000 so why would I throw away everything and go crawling back to a station that does not understand the meaning of the word fairness?
What happened to the concept of equal rights? The station has gotten rid of all blacks and disabled and most whites. It seems to be a Hispanic only world.

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