Friday, November 25, 2011

The New Ken Hudnall Show

Well the Ken Hudnall Show is now back in full force. After the illegal actions of David Candellaria in removing me from his station to appese an unset Congressman who didn't want anyone talking about his illegal campaign contributions, I moved my show to first Blog Talk Radio where I rebuilt my audience. The problem is that the system was hacked almost nightly and the hackers did everything possible to disrupt. One was of the hackers was even prosecued by the Feds for violations of the Patriot Act but this did not stop the rest of them. Interestingly enough I also received a number of death threats from these hackers but neither the FBI or anyone else cared since, as I was informed by the US Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, I am not a member of a protected class.
From Blog Talk Radio I was invited to move my show to Soup Media Network. This was a good move until one of the admistrators went off the rail and started forcing shows off the network that did not march to his crazy tune. I moved to Border Land Radio Network which is allowing me to run my show as I see fit. Now we are broadcasting Monday through Friday, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Mountatin time (that is 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern time).
Join us as we inerview some of the biggest names in the world of the paranormal and the bizarre. Additionally I want to point out that we are doing history and mystery tours every Saturday night at the Camino Real Hotel. We also have available discounted hotel rooms which also offer free well drinks and a discount on your next meal at Azulajo Reasurant.


  1. Have you heard anything about the bus in the hole off O'leary and montana in El Paso?

  2. After considering what has been said by the administrator of the Soup Media Network, I would make the following additional comments. First the profane manner in which he comments here is the same way he talks to people in general and after a while you get tired of being bombarded with his profanity. Second, as I explained to him a number of times, the way in which he desired the electronics to be set resulted in most of the problems. I would point out that since leaving that network I have had no sound problems to speak of. As for Yolie being boring, I still get calls from people wanting to get readings from her. As for him owning the Soup Media Network, he is welcome to it. He has chased off more show hosts than he will every get to stay there. He has no idea how to deal with people who do not spice up their language with the type of wording seen here and jump when he yells jump. As for him objecting to things that I posting comments on a blog and a network that I own, I could respond to him in kind but instead I will simply send his few remaining hosts my condolences and watch the network self distruct over time due to his insistence that everything be done his way even when it is shown not to work.

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