Thursday, March 22, 2012

History and Mystery

Nice of you to join me again, I am trying to make time to write something everyday, but it is tough. The Ken Hudnall Show is building listeners and new books are coming. In July I will be presenting "UFOs and the Paranormal" at the Roswell UFO Convention. The presentation will be at the UFO Library and Study Center.
I would also point everyone to my History and Mystery Tours every Saturday night beginning at the Camino Real Hotel. On these tours we cover unsolved mysteries, lost treasures and ghosts in and around downtown El Paso, Texas. Beginning at the Camino Real, we discuss the mysteries of the hotel, the Plaza Hotel, the Plaza Theater, White House, Mills Building, Library, Chase Bank, the Cortez Building, the old Popular Building, the Acme Saloon and then we are back at the Hotel. It will fascinate and mystify.
Oh, I have had further communication with representatives of the Central Intelligence Agency. It has been officially decided that I am not too old and perhaps my skill set is of the level that they would like to acquire. I had a telephone conference with the same individual who did not have time for me and the 30 minute call turned into an hour and a half of discussion regarding opportunities for the me with the CIA. Who knows, perhaps it is a route.
Until next time, good day.

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