Monday, May 21, 2012

A Cultural Event

Among the many smells in the air were grilled chicken and a number of others that I could not identify. However, the mixture was certain to draw anyone in the area who liked good food.
This was the Festival of St. George, an annual, in its 46th year, even that took place this past weekend at the St. George Antiochian Church Orthodox Church on Festival. The core of the congregation are families from Syria, Lebanon and other part of the middle east. While these families have ssimilated into our culture, they have not forgotten their own and they make sure that their children have an appreciation for the way of life in the old country.
There was no question that the members enjoyed each other's company and they welcomed guests with open arms. I have never seen such dancing and socializing since the last major fiesta I attended in Panama over thirty years ago. I want to go on record as saying that the congregation of St. George knows how to conduct a fundraiser and throw a superb party. At most events that I attend I stay only a short period of time, I left this one at the last minute for another appointment.
The entertainment was sponsored by Westwind Pediatric, Doctors Hassan and Maha Salloum, and Las Palmas Medical Center. Dr. Salloum was the master of ceremonies and while he may be a fine doctor, he is unparalleled in his ability to thrown a complete blowout of a party. The main entertainment was furnished by a singer by the name of Farah and even though he sang in Arabic, he was an outstanding entertainer. Add to his unbelievable performance were dances performed by very lovely young ladies in the tradtional style.
If you did not attend the Festival of St. George, you truely missed a spectacular event. It should definitely be on your list for next year.

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