Tuesday, May 22, 2012

UFOs and the Supernatural

Today, I went to press with my newest book, UFOs and the Supernatural. In spite of the title, I am not of the opinion that every Unidentified flying object is related to the supernatural, but certainly there is evidence that not every unidentified flying object is  a potential craft from another planet. Are some of the mysterious lights in the sky really connections to the supernatural? 
It is amazing to note that there have been reports that point to a link between unidentified flying objects and such things as Sasquatch, Shadow People and ghosts. In this new book, I go to great lengths to explore these connections. Why have there been a number of reports of Sasquatch being found at landings by UFOs? Why have hauntings been reported by people who just recently were witnesses to landings of what appear to be space craft from another world?
There have also been many tales of ancient gods arriving in what appear to be space craft, which would certainly classify as supernatural or paranormal. Every ancient religious tenet has stories that could well be alien visitation. These tales are explored as well. UFOs and the Supernatural has something for everyone whether you believe in UFOs are not. 

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