Sunday, July 29, 2012


This year is something of a milestone for me. It was 1989 when I aired my first radio show, called "Adventure Radio" on KORG in Anaheim, California.. I was just learning the business and I have to say it was a blast. I began to talk about unsolved mysteries, last treasures, unidentified flying objects and of course, ghosts on that first show and the audience loved it. I began my radio journey during afternoon drive time doing a one hour show each afternoon, Monday through Friday. The problem was that the audience wanted ore stories and guest interviews and the station had no additional time to give to me. As a result, I switched to 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM in the evening. The response was overwhelming.
I began my career with a co-host, a lovely young lady who I thought could help me build the show into something that I could syndicate nationally onto other stations. In the beginning, a show is not profitable, hard work is required to make an income stream from such a venture. Of course to even do a show on one station requires an enormous amount of work and unfortunately, she believed that as "talent" she was not required to work outside the studio, selling ads or getting guests for example, but she most assuredly expected to have ownership of half of the show handed to her as her due. Well, it did not work like that. She did take me to the labor board claiming ownership of half of the show. They laughed at her demands.
My second full time co-host was a remarkable young lady who wanted to use the show as her springboard to Hollywood fame and fortune. She also began to play politics with various power players in the area, and worst of all, she began to  decide which advertisers I should do business with in order to enhance her own personal image. To her the show came second and her potential Hollywood career came first. She was a superb manipulator, but in the end, her manipulation brought that first show to an end.
My next radio venture was creating what we might call a podcast today for broadcast on various stations. This venture opened up an entirely new world for me. I began to understand how best to create shows and how to use those shows in order to develop a stream of income. I also first saw the potential of internet radio.
Since those early days, I have been on a number of stations and witnessed why radio was surpassed by television/ It was not the fascination with the visual imagery, but rather it was the attitude of the station managers that treated radio like a toy. On a daily basis, the average listener is in range of a radio much more than a television. The American fascination with radio is still a powerful factor, but when left in the hands of complete jackasses, this medium is still in danger of fading away.
Now I do an internet radio show at (this is my website and a link there takes you to the show). I broadcast from 6:00 PM Mountain time - 9:00 PM Monday through Friday. Come and join us.

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  1. Interesting story, Ken. I'll tune in some evening to hear your show. Thanks for letting me know about it! Will check out a podcast now.
    Best regards,
    Matt Sistrunk