Friday, April 20, 2012

The Future of Broadcasting

Vincent Brisebois, Steve Wozniak and Robert Legato

What do film maker James Cameron, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Cinematographer Robert Legato and bloggers and broadcasters from around the world have in common? They are all looking toward the future of the world of film making, broadcasting and information dissemination in general.
Every year, broadcasters, film makers, cinematographers, actors and would be actors from around the world gather in Las Vegas, Nevada for the National Association of Broadcasters' annual convention. It is at this meeting that the cutting edge in technology is revealed to the world. For 2012, James Cameron revealed his new 5D process which will make the old 3-D glasses obsolete. Steve Wozniak, formerly of Apple and now chief scientist for Fusion-io revealed the new computer card that has more internal memory than most hard drives. One of these $2,400.00 cards in a computer will take it to the very edge of current hardware technology.
The Las Vegas Convention Center covers an area equivalent to four footballs and every square inch was filled with some of the most sophisticated equipment in the industry. There was such an overflow of displays and meetings that a portion of the conference was set up in the Las Vegas Hotel (formerly the Hilton) next door. Every item the attendee had ever heard of in the world of broadcasting could be found here. Every type of camera, for the amateur to the ultimate professional could be found at one of the hundreds of booths as well as a broad array of the newest in the way of lenses and attachments. This conference had something for everyone.
In addition to equipment, there were dozens of classes covering all aspects of the broadcast world from print to the state of the art satellite programming. Adobe conducted an entire block of classes revolving around production and post production that was considered so valuable that it was actually guarded by a team of security guards. Only those with the correct passes were allowed to enter. This was also the venue for the announcement of the release of Adobe's newest products.
For those who were suffering from information overload in regard to software and hardware, there also numerous personalities to be met, from the Titanic's James Cameron to Betty White to Emmanuel Lewis (Webster), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Corbin Benson (Psych). What takes place at these meetings can truly change the electronic world. This is the time and place broadcasters from around the world get together to discuss the future of when, where and how we all get our news and entertainment.   

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